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    Trasport ADR

    Trasport ADR 

    We perform special transport and ADR. Our company was among the first to provide for the appointment of a consultant for the safety of transport of dangerous goods by road, documented by a certificate issued by the European Community.
    Through our ADR consultant aer predistoste safety procedures based on the hazard of the products to be transported at all stages of handling, in accordance with local regulations.


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    Curcio Trasporti, founded in 1971, carries out transport and positioning by means of vehicles of various sizes and capacities, equipped with very recent remote controlled cranes.


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    • Heavy equipment transport
    • Internal handling
    • Positioning systems and structures
    • Storage machinery
    • Freight ADR - Consultant ADR
    • Exceptional transport
    • For indoor electrical cranes
    • Electrical equipment for the Translation
    • Crane rental
    • Forklift rental
    • Rental of lifting platforms
    • Management practices Import - Export
    • Packing and forwarding international machinery